En spricka i Matrix

This happened to me a few years ago.

I was walking through my local mall with my friends, we entered a store and were browsing. The female clerk and I glanced at each other and both did an immediate double take. I walked over and talked with her, neither of us could place where we knew each other from…then it hit me. 4th grade. This was the girl that stabbed me in the nose with a pencil in 4th grade. I told her where I remembered her from and you could see it on her face she immediately remembered stabbing me. She started apologizing and talking about how crazy it was to run into me here. I told her not to sweat it. I was a little bastard back then.

Then she asked me what I was doing in Oregon. I figured she thought I moved or something considering I don’t remember her in any of the other grades before or after 4th. I explained I never left Oregon, or Portland for that matter. This really confused her. ‘So you just did 4th grade in Arizona?’ She said….Which confused the shit out of me. I told her I’ve never been to Arizona and did all my schooling in Oregon.

She then told me she’s lived in Arizona her entire life. She had just moved here to start college.

We both remember going to school together and her stabbing me. Apparently we did it from different states though.

Den här historien kommer från Reddits underforum Glitch in the Matrix, en plats där människor som upplever att de under en kort sekund råkat stöta på en spricka i logiken. Ett hål i själva livets story, som om den regissör vissa ser som en skäggig gubbe och andra som moder Jord för ett ögonblick tittat bort och missat en detalj. Det är spännande läsning – and there’s plenty more where that came from.

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